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myBenefitStatements Announce Survey Results

BusinessPlans, Inc. – myBenefitStatements Announce Survey Results

MIAMISBURG, OH (September 27, 2011) – BusinessPlans, Inc. –  myBenefitStatements today announced the results of its 2010-2011 Annual Client Survey. myBenefitStatements was recognized for its high level of customization and overall design features, as well as for its commitment to personal service and smooth processes.

Of the clients that responded to the survey, 100% said that they would recommend myBenefitStatements’ services! This is no surprise to myBenefitStatements, which has been in the business of producing total compensation or benefit statements for over 25 years and often receives unprompted accolades and referrals from its clients.

myBenefitStatements asked survey participants to rate their satisfaction in a number of areas using a five-point scale ranging from “Very Dissatisfied” to “Very Satisfied”. The following is a list of the results of those respondents who are “Very Satisfied”.

  • Set-Up Phone Meeting
  • Customization of Statement Design
  • Implementation Process
  • On-time Delivery of Statements
  • The Finished Project

The dedicated Project Managers myBenefitStatements assigns to clients were also graded – with over 90% of the responses being “Very Satisfied” for all areas scored. Along with graded scores, survey participants were given the opportunity to share “…anything else we should know…” about myBenefitStatements. Here’s a sampling of what a few clients had to say.

“The process was so easy with myBenefitStatements! My project manager was so easy to work with. I have never done statements before and he had great suggestions, was easy to get a hold of and delivered on what he said he could do! I don’t know that I would have done statements if the process hadn’t been this easy.” – Sr. Benefits Specialist, Denver, CO

“The process is already so easy and effective… We could not be happier with the product and project manager. The process is so simple and the statements are very cost effective that we have been 100% satisfied with it every year.” – Human Resources Specialist, Indianola, MS

“Great experience. Working with my project manager was easy, efficient, and he took the time to understand our benefits. He was easy to work with and went out of his way to meet deadlines and was always easily accessible for questions.” – HR Consultant, Portland, OR

myBenefitStatements, like all the divisions of BusinessPlans, Inc., is all about providing high-quality results and staying true to the BusinessPlans’ mission of Happy Employees, Happy Employers™ – which means the company is always looking for ways to innovate and improve services in an effort to better serve our clients. “We’ve just raised the bar,” said Craig Schrolucke, Director of Marketing and Innovation. “With the installation of a state-of-the-art printer solution, myBenefitStatements’ clients will see unparalleled results in our final products when compared to others in the industry.”

About BusinessPlans, Inc.
Located in Miamisburg, Ohio for more than 25 years, BusinessPlans, Inc. has been building relationships with companies throughout the U.S. by offering pre-tax employee benefits, COBRA administration and communication solutions through their three divisions:

myBenefitStatements – Charts, graphs and tables are just a few of the ways myBenefitStatements personalizes employee total compensation statements. However, myBenefitStatements is more than just a total compensation statement provider – it is a one-stop provider for customized employee communications!

myCafeteriaPlan® – myCafeteriaPlan professionals help to design a plan tailored to company needs. Whether a company is looking for a simple Premium Only Plan, a Flexible Spending Account, a Medical Reimbursement Plan, Retiree billing, a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, Health Savings Account or a Qualified Transportation Plan, clients and participants will receive responsive, reliable and knowledgeable administrative services.

myCobraPlan – As a comprehensive COBRA Administrator, myCobraPlan provides clients and participants peace of mind about COBRA eligible benefits. myCobraPlan focuses on the administrative details, allowing clients time to focus on mission critical projects.


Craig Schrolucke

BusinessPlans, Inc.



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Protect Your Business When Using Social Media

By the beginning of 2011, the social networking Web site Facebook had more than 600 million users. An estimated 200 million people use micro-blogging service Twitter. The business networking site LinkedIn has reported that it has more than 100 million members. In addition, the Internet hosts millions of blogs and tens of thousands of podcasts. These sites and media, popularly known as “social media,” have opened up new ways for people and businesses to communicate with each other. As the numbers show, they have become extremely popular. Consequently, businesses are increasingly using social media to reach current and potential customers.

However, use of these services presents risks along with the potential benefits. For example:

  • Employees making posts on these sites may make inaccurate statements, particularly when not all the relevant facts of a developing situation are known.
  • They may inadvertently release confidential information.
  • They may make statements that embarrass the company, such as negative remarks about racial or ethnic groups.
  • They may make statements that violate a person’s privacy.
  • Disparaging statements may provoke others to sue the company for libel. For example, if an employee of a restaurant posts on Twitter that a competitor’s stew looks and tastes like cheap dog food, the competitor may sue.
  • Blog posts that offer advice may expose the employer to lawsuits if others take the advice and get undesirable results.
  • Disgruntled customers, employees or competitors may post disparaging comments about the company.
  • Any of these situations can harm the company’s reputation.

The company’s general liability insurance policy might not pay for the costs of defending against these claims or paying settlements. For example, the insurance will not cover losses resulting from:

  • An injury caused by or at the direction of an employee when he knew that the action would violate a person’s right to privacy
  • An injury caused by or at the direction of an employee when he knew that a statement was false
  • Claims that the business’s products or services do not live up to statements about their quality
  • Injury arising out of statements made on Internet chat rooms or bulletin boards the business owns or over which it has control
  • Unauthorized use of someone’s name or product in a manner that misleads that company’s potential customers

In addition, the insurance only covers liability for certain types of injuries that are not bodily injuries. It will not cover a lawsuit filed by someone who suffered financially after relying on advice on the company’s blog.

To reduce the chance that an uninsured loss will result from the use of social media, businesses should consider:

  • Written procedures for employee use of social media, including
    • Who may post on the company’s behalf
    • Definitions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior
    • Employees’ personal sites should make clear that the employees are not speaking on behalf of the company
    • When a discussion should move offline and into the company’s regular workflow (for example, when a customer has a specific complaint that should be handled out of public view)
    • The consequences of non-compliance.
  • Company policies regarding employees’ ability to link to the company’s Web site on their personal social media pages. The policy should also address employees’ use of the company name, logo, or other advertising on their sites.
  • Company policies on the content that employees may post on blogs, both those of the company and others blogs where the employees post on the company’s behalf.
  • Purchasing special insurance to fill in gaps left by the general liability coverage

Social media offers exciting new opportunities for businesses to build relationships with customers. However, they need to approach it with care and proper planning if they want to reduce the risks.

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